Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Sweet Muscat

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Intense Muscat nose and a harmonious mix of ripe fruit and fresh floral notes.
Slight notes of rose, lychee and ripe pineapple make this blend truly bewitching.
Its sweet palate brings out the flavours of pineapple, lychee and more delicate notes of rose petal.
This blend's nice persistence stems from a perfect blend of sweetness, freshness and a slight bitterness.
Ingredients: Grape infusion (water, grape extract), grape juice* (19%), cane sugar syrup*, natural flavours, acidifiers: citric acid, malic acid, concentrates (apple*, safflower, elderberry*, blackcurrant*), carbon dioxide.
Le Petit Béret guarantee
Guaranteed without fermentation,
alcohol-free 0,0%
Low in sugar
Vegan friendly
Its complex, fruity nose conjures up a sense of maturity, with touches of Muscat, pineapple, bergamot, as well as fresher floral notes, such as rose petal and jasmine flower. It boasts a round palate and the bubbles blend in beautifully with its structure, highlighting slight touches of bitterness and intense fruity flavours that prolong the blend’s persistence.
With exotic fruit, lemon meringue pie, or a raspberry and lychee macaroon.
Sommelier's advice
Best served between 7 and 9°C.
To be enjoyed within 48 hours max. after opening. Store in a cool place.